Monday, September 24, 2012


I intend to use this blog to chronicle my adventures in teaching English as a foreign language. Expect a writing mixture of thoughts on language, teaching, culture shock, and travel fun. There should be enough personal stuff in here to keep those of you who know me interested, but I also hope for this to be a resource that’s useful for other teachers or travelers.

I started this blog now because in mid-October, I’ll be teaching English in Japan, which is an adventure that I’m so excited to embark upon! I think this is going to be a truly amazing year for me, and I think that reflecting on my experiences in journal form will help me maintain this sense of wonder and excitement even when living in Japan is my new normal.

Teaching abroad is a pretty good reward for all that work over the last two years in my M.A. TESOL program, I think! I learned and grew so much in all my classes, and now I feel really eager to go forth and apply my skills and knowledge. I think I’m ready for the challenge of moving from theory to practice.

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