Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas in Tokyo!

It's Christmas morning, and I have to say that if I can't be home with my family, I at least feel really lucky to be celebrating with the lovely people I know here! We've only known each other two and a half months, but I already feel like the people I know here are close friends, not just coworkers. I feel luckier than I should be to have ended up here, with "here" being the city, the work, and the friends I've made.

Yesterday morning started with Kevin making amazing Eggs Benedict for the Murder Lodge, while I made coffee with cocoa mix for Andrew, Emma, and myself. We spent some time just chilling in the lounge, enjoying being on vacation, before I came upstairs to be able to have a long Skype conversation with Aric. I sewed a broken tank-top strap back together and cleaned my room while we talked, so I felt productive and peaceful after talking with him, on top of how happy it always makes me to be able to catch up with him.

Last night I went to Roppongi with most of the Murder Crew + Julian to see the Illuminations. The cold air was sharp enough to make my hands hurt if I didn't tuck them up inside my gloves, but the illuminations were magical. We walked along a row of trees decorated like huge champagne glasses, with lights dripping off them.
A little further down, comet trails of lights were hung between the trees, urging us on to the giant light show.
We watched that for several minutes, then wound back to the station through the Galleria, where I bought a very beautiful, very overpriced slice of matcha flavored tiramisu cake. After that, it was home and the tiramisu and tea in the lounge before bedtime, and now it's Christmas morning and I'm going to go downstairs to see what amazing breakfast is being cooked for me today. It's a hard life, what can I say?

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